Lazy Parent Weaning

Truman has been exclusively breastfed for all 7.5 months of his life. I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment, as it took us both a while to get the hang of it, but it was important to me to persist and now we have a lovely breastfeeding relationship. We’re lucky to have had a lot of help and support, and a lifestyle that has allowed me to be with him the great majority of the time. But I know Truman can’t live on milk forever, so we’re slowly moving toward giving him solid food.

One philosophy of feeding is called Baby Led Weaning, which encourages parents to offer their babies bits of food that they can feed themselves rather than spoon feeding mashes and purees. This allows the baby to explore different textures and choose the food they find appealing. The crunchy mom in me thinks this is a great idea, but due to Truman’s lack of interest in food and our lack of a high chair, plus a bit of laziness, we haven’t gotten that serious about trying it out. We have offered him food a few times. There was homemade bread at Thanksgiving, which he seemed to want but grimaced once he licked it. Then there was avocado, about a month ago. He stuck out his tongue to draw a little bite into his mouth and almost immediately popped it out again.

On Christmas Eve he tried a radish slice. It was garnishing my taco plate and I thought, why not?

He licked it tentatively before letting it rest on his tongue.


I don’t know about this, mom.


OK, I’ll try it again.20140103-224803.jpg


Why are you doing this to me?

We’ll keep giving Truman bites of our food, and will get a high chair eventually, but I’m in no rush to lose his sweet milk breath.